Aplab's Intelligent Terminals Division designs and delivers Self Service Network Terminals for 24 hour use for the Banking and the Commercial Sectors. The Division was launched in 1993 and since then Aplab has proved its skills in design, hardware manufacturing and software integration by delivering state-of-the-art products.
Aplab introduced Teller Machines in 1993. ATMs that delivers instant cash to bank customer besides offering various user-friendly on-line services. These XFS compliant ATMs use world famous De La Rue Dispensers and have unique VR software.
Aplab's CDT Range of Self-Service Cheque Deposit Terminals are designed for commercial banks to provide customer friendly 24 x 7 service. CDT read MICR data, captures digital image of the deposited cheques, endorses and stacks them serially. It also gives a receipt to the depositor and transfers the captured data on line via Bank's Network for quick processing.
Aplab's Bill Payment Terminals are e-payment Kiosk designed to read Bar Coded Utility Bills, accept payment with a personal cheque and present a receipt. The terminal has customer friendly interface through 15" Industrial TFT LCD with Touch Screen facility.
  Self Service Kiosks