True On-Line Configuration with Optional Static Switch.
User Friendly Controls and Indications.
Compact Cabinet.
Modern Styling.
Ultra Light Weight.

Higher Efficiency of Operation, Means Significantly Lower Running Costs.

State of the Art IGBT Based PWM Technology, to Increase Crest Factor Tolerance & Dynamic Stability.
Continuously Delivers Full Output Power at Ambient as High as 45ºC.

Compatible with Both, Lead Acid Stationary, as well as, Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries.
Aplab 5KVA to 10KVA UPS
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Mid range computers, local area networks and tele-communications equipment which provide the information that we need to succeed, are part of a rapidly changing business environment. This is the information so vital, it must always be available. A 100% uptime can only be achieved with support from a true Online Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS).
Get Over The Power Problems
Recent findings reveal that power problems are the greatest threat to your critical equipments’ uptime. Business depends on continuous quality power to avoid revenue losses resulting from system failures. The power problems that endanger your critical systems are sags, surges, noise, brown outs, black outs etc. Requirements of quality power protection are :
  To provide a clean and stable supply which is isolated from contaminated utility mains.
  To provide continuous AC sinewave power from the charged batteries in case of extreme brown outs or black outs.
  To facilitate system expansion by providing features such as Extended back up time, Hand in hand operation for extremely low input supply, Quick recharge facility which enables to charge the batteries in minimum time.
To improve overall system reliability and uptime by providing auto switch over to AC reserve or Bypass supply.
  All the above features are packaged in Aplab AU3000 Series which is compact, user friendly and simple to install.
Output KVA